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    Music and kids go hand in hand. If you are considering music lessons for your child, you should be aware of the benefits of this  education with regard to the academic outcome.  Music education helps develop logical reasoning and  abstract thinking.

    If your child is 5-7 years old,  it is recommended that one parent attend at least one lesson per month.

This will help the parent learn the lesson structure presented by the instructor and also understand how

to become a “coach” at home.

      Lightly monitor the practice sessions so you can encourage your child. You will see that this arrangement

really makes a very successful student, even if you have no musical experience what so ever! Students  are  more

motivated in music practice when their parents take an active role.

Conversely, students  can lose interest soon, if the parent is not coaching. Sitting down with your child

(below 5th Grade) to listen and encourage is so very important for the parent to do at home.